Automobile Industry

Seino Logix Co., Ltd is a committed and trustworthy partner to major world's supplier and manufacturer of leading vehicles. Our team of automotive supply chain professionals is globally recognized in their approach in tackling the most demanding supply challenges in such a complex industry segment. We are strategically interested in the global automotive market and work with many key automotive suppliers in the sector. We have built solid relationship with several customers over the decades, which is an outcome of our long-term partnerships.

We have the critical ability to leverage on different transportation modes and bring expertise and agility to the distribution of goods across international borders. As a leading 3PL service provider with office outlets in 13 countries, we provide integrated end-to-end solutions to our customers. Expertise in managing the distribution of goods across international borders and operational reliability is a vital requirement in today’s automotive supply chains.

Nowadays, manufacturing in the global automotive industry is as efficient as the supply chain that supports the movement of inbound parts. Our expertise is well recognized in meeting tight deadlines in delivery of sustainable and competitive advantage for the market leaders. Our deep sector expertise are also valued in managing the flow and visibility of components and sub-assemblies from suppliers to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) assembly plants in a Just-In-Time (JIT) environment.

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