Core Principles

The principles of Integrity, honesty, respect for people and reputation are the fundamentals on which Seino Logix Co., Ltd is founded. The confidence of the communities in which we operate and trust of those with whom we deal, is a vital asset that is critical to the success and continuous growth of our company. The authority of Seino Logix Co., Ltd enacts itself to the fundamental principle of the company's Policy Statement and the practical knowledge of our staff members is crucial, regarding the conduct of our business.

Our Business Code of Conduct summarises how the fundamental principles are applied in all activities or services with our customers. More detailed guidance is set out in separate statements on Employment, Health and Safety, the Environment, Community Affairs and Compliance. The vacancies within our company attracts staffs with high qualification and expertise, which help drive exceptional growth and customer satisfaction. To sustain a fast growth in the industry, we focus on specific services and customer division, to enable the effective response of our decentralised operating units to customer needs. The opportunities available within our fast-expanding company attract staff of the highest calibre, who in turn help drive exceptional growth and customer satisfaction.

Contract Logistics

Our professional and highly qualified employees guarantees our provision of high quality services. Our Customers need are at the heart of everything we do, by providing first-rate service. All these could not be achieved without the participation of our highly motivated staff.

We are able to offer our customers with high quality products and services at appealing rates, by the efficient use of capital. Blooming profits are essential for business innovation and growth. We invest heavily and continuously in development, technology, research and training to maintain our eternal position.

The dedication of our employees in attaining the highest standards, combined with quality assurance systems ensures that our exacting requirements are met. Extremely good products and services are vital to customer satisfaction.