Tank Storage

Seino Logix Co., Ltd provides tank storage services that has a storage capacity of 904,633 m³ of storage capacity and 277 tanks of every size and types. As one of the independent shipping and logistics corporations with provision for Petroleum and Petrochemical Storage Services in Netherlands, we provide coated or mild steel and stainless steel storage in perfect solution for the reservations of your chemical, petroleum and petrochemical products, in large or small quantities.

We have the potentials to set up a tailor-made system for every customer. With our specialization in this demanding niche market for range of heated, cooled stainless steel and mild steel tanks, each tanks has its own line towards your ship, train carriage or truck. The storage and handling of petroleum and petrochemical products carried out by our well-trained Staffs, which thus guarantee a best quality of your products during the pumping process.

Multiple Jetties Locations

We offer multiple jetties to guarantee flexibility and maintain a standard operational hours for loading and unloading. Our offered jetties are suitable for all petroleum and petrochemical ships. Our train carriages are available at the loading places on a 24-hour basis. We pump-in and pump-out at a constant speed, because our tanks are equipped with standard vapor processing materials.

Our Tanks storage are equipped with:

  • Steam, Dry Air, Fresh Water and Nitrogen Purging;
  • Steam and electric heating systems with cooling and circulation;
  • Vapor Recovery Systems of different grade;
  • Mineral Blending and Mixing systems.

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